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Network Monitoring Solution

1. What is Cisco Prime ™ Performance Monitoring Service?
A good information system is a system with high responsiveness and reliability. Network Monitoring Service Cisco Prime ™ Performance Manager is a performance management solution that monitors system reliability, responsiveness, and instantaneous delivery of all information of the system to handle and fix when an incident occurred.

cisco prime

2. Features:
Monitor the operational status of services and devices running on the IP environment

  • Routers, network devices, computers, servers via ICMP (ping) or SNMP methods.
  • Internet leased line, ADSL, and FTTH links
  • Services run on servers (server / host) such as: WEB, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, SSH, Telnet, DNS, SQL, FTP ...
  • Monitoring system 24/24
  • Instant error detection when an error occurs
  • Can monitor from many different locations across the country
  • Recognize immediate problems through means such as web, email and SMS.
  • Can create summary and summary reports according to user needs

3. Advantagescisco prime infrastructure licensing

  • Easy to deploy: easy to install on one or more servers with embedded databases reduces deployment time.
  • Easy to use: easy-to-access intuitive web interface, easy to export system reports with flexible and detailed options.
  • Easy to expand: allows flexible expansion of new reporting features, or expansion of existing reporting features, expansion of new device types, including non-Cisco devices.
  • Easy integration: Easy integration with Cisco Prime Carrier Management software suite and provides simple network management protocol (SNMP) to quickly send information about the monitoring system
  • Quick Actions: Easily use the autodiscovery feature or integrate the user interface with Cisco Prime Network, ensuring quick deployment and access to essential information. Cisco Prime Performance Manager also provides the ability to instantly display events beyond the alert level through user definitions.
    Cisco Prime Performance Manager is packed with more than 1500 basic events, summary reports and summaries. Reports can be automatically generated every 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or hours, daily, monthly, or can allow users to specify the time period for data collection. All reports can be read on the graphical user interface (GUI) or the default format is CSV when exported. In addition, users can use the XML editor when defining a report.

4. Service price list



1 device / month


220.000 VND +

1 device / month



+ 10 devices / month