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Video Conferencing Solution

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1. What is Cisco WebEX?

Cisco WebExWebEx conference allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere in real time. Cisco WebEx Conference shares documents and conducts conferences (with video) through the web browser. So everyone in the conference will see all that you're giving.

  • Making meetings is extremely simple but powerful and stable.
  • Communicate directly with HD Video
  • Share all on the conference screen.
  • Stability and security due to the use of Cisco platform technology

2. What does Cisco WebEx need to be used?

To implement Cisco WebEx Conference, this is all you need:

  • A computer/phone is connected to the internet
  • VoIP connected audio devices (phones)
  • A webcam device (optional)

3. Benefits from Cisco WebEx

  • Save time and travel costs.
  • Easily connect with colleagues and remote customers.
  • Easily share anything you are watching on the computer with everyone in the meeting.
  • Easily record + video meetings and can share information securely.

4. Quotation

Premium 8 Premium 25 Premium 100
> 8 people Up to 25 people Up to 100 people
550.000 vnđ / 1 month 1.100.00 vnđ / 1 month 1.800.000 vnđ / 1 month
Maintaining fee 400.00 vnđ / 1 month Maintaining fee 800.000 vnđ / 1 month Maintaining fee 1.200.000 vnđ/ 1 month

5. Benefits from Premium package

  • Video conferencing (with full-screen feature, screen sharing)
  • Share your apps or full screen.
  • VoIP or phone call to the system.
  • Markup tools and whiteboard Tools and whiteboards are available in Cisco WebEx.
  • Save the conference content (including video).
  • Free application on the phone.
  • Share the presentation right in the conference.
  • Schedule conferences in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Remote access on someone's computer.
  • Use a password to attend the conference
  • There is chat space like Yahoo, Skype
  • Compatible with PC, MAC, Linux.
  • There is a 24/7 support team.
  • High security and reliability on Cisco systems.

6. Process of receiving & troubleshooting service.

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