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Private Cloud & VDI

Private Cloud

Private cloud is a computing model that offers a proprietary environment dedicated to a single business entity. As with other types of cloud computing environments, private cloud provides extended, virtualized computing resources via physical components stored on-premises or at a vendor's datacenter. private cloud

One of the advantages of a private cloud deployment is the enhanced degree of control offered to the organization. Because the private cloud is only accessible to a single business, that organization has the ability to configure the environment and manage it in a manner that is uniquely tailored to the specific computing needs of the company.

A private cloud strategy may be comprised of hardware hosted locally at a facility owned by a business, or it may be hosted by a cloud service provider.

Benefits of private cloud

Private cloud solutions bring value to an enterprise by abstracting computing processes in a manner much more efficient than traditional virtualization. A few of the primary advantages include:

  • Security and compliance: No illegal access outside the business itself
  • Customization: Easy to change according to purpose
  • Hybrid integration: Easy to upgrade and integrate with other Public Cloud or Private Cloud solutions


Virtual desktop infrastructure


Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offers critical benefits to IT, including improved security and centralized desktop management, but the ability to securely access a remote Windows or Linux desktop isn’t enough in today’s organizations.

The demands placed on IT require a more evolved approach. Organizations need to optimize user experiences to increase adoption, maximize capabilities by minimizing the number of consoles to manage, and ensure sensitive data stays safe — even in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs where employees access apps and data from personal devices.