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ownCloud Solution

ownCloud is a free, open source web application for building file synchronization and sharing systems like Dropbox and iCloud Drive. Administrators can use and install additional add-ons / extensions to perform functions such as calendar synchronization and contacts synchronization (similar to G-Suite or Office 365).owncloud

ownCloud is written in PHP / JavaScript language. It is designed to work with multiple database management systems, including MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Oracle Database, and PostgreSQL. Moreover, OwnCloud can be deployed on all platforms such as Linux, Macintosh, Windows and supported on many devices on the client side. This is an application that runs on a powerful system, independent platform, flexible configuration and usability, unlimited storage space or the number of clients connected.

Here is a feature comparison table between ownCloud and Google Drive:


1. Overview: Depending on the needs, ownCloud can be one of the following 3 types:

  • One-Premise: Store in an internal system (equivalent to Private Cloud)
  • Cloud: Cloud storage, remote access (remote)
  • Hybrid: Storage in combination with Private Cloud and able to link to Cloud (command) allows flexibility in storage

owncloud vs google drive

2. Customization:

  • ownCloud provides the ability to customize the interface according to the company's identifier and the accompanying features (add-ons) for support (to help synchronize calendar or contacts).
  • In addition, you can use the domain as the gateway to access Cloud.

owncloud vs google drive

3. User - Client:

  • Delta Sync: Only sync files that have changed, and only synchronize changes in that file >> Avoid having to read / write data repeatedly. Then overwrite the old file to avoid duplication, and always make sure the complete file is error free.
  • Virtual Filesystem: Function that allows you to select ownCloud files that you need to view directly in your file browser. Can synchronize and cancel them synchronously with one click. This is a long-awaited improvement for usability

owncloud vs google drive

4. Content management and sharing:

  • OwnCloud provides the necessary functions for security such as: Division of policies by user group, sharing between storage servers ...
  • Only upload (File Drop) function to prevent unwanted data deletion. Uploaded files will be numbered with file editing time to avoid data management errors.

5. Interact on data:

  • File Commects: Help users to comment directly on data instead of having to download, comment and upload again.
  • Ability to edit files: Similar to Microsoft Office files without changing the format.

owncloud vs google drive

owncloud vs google drive

6. Security:

  • Storage Encryption with HSM (Hardware Security Module): a specialized, standards-compliant encryption mechanism designed to protect sensitive data when transmitted, used and through the use of physical security measures, logic security control, and strong encryption.
  • End-to-End-Encryption and use with Private Key

owncloud vs google drive

owncloud vs google drive

7. Storage capacity:

  • No limit to data size when Sync (Sync)
  • Support many storage formats (both Windows and Linux formats)
  • Ability to combine various storage solutions (Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS S3 ...) >> Become a Hybrid Cloud.
  • Ability to integrate with FTP / SFTP, as well as MS Sharepoint or WebDAV.

owncloud vs google drive

8. Administration ability:

  • CLI: Allowed to use Command Line Interface for direct administration.
  • Data Retention Policies: Store data according to the marking mechanism - Tagging and can create storage policies for each Tag or File data (eg file A is allowed to save for 2 years)

owncloud vs google drive